Data Analysis services:
Analysis of Agricultural Experiments: Basic statistics, normality, outlier and data transformation, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, experimental design and randomization, LSD, DMRT, multiple- correlation and regression, PCA, clustering, UPGMA-dendrogram, and related charts and graphs Analysis of Plant Breeding experiments: Design of experiments, variability analysis, genetic diversity, path-coefficient analysis, AMMI, stability, GGE, BLUEs, BLUPs, multivariate analysis, QTL mapping, GWAS, genomic selection and related charts and graphs 

Consultation services:
Journal article writing: Data analysis, charts and graphs, and write-up. MS and PhD research and thesis: Planning, proposal writing, data analysis, charts and graphs, and write-up.

Invited speaker:
Plant breeding, advanced statistics- Mixed model, BLUPs, BLUEs, SVD, ridge-regression; quantitative genetics, Molecular Breeding- QTL, GWAS, GS; heterosis breeding, biometrical genetics, Bioinformatics, Genomics, HTP- drone phenotyping, and plant breeding modernization.